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Funds stretched?

Looking for a good deal?

We can help!

Living on a tight budget is a necessity when funds are low and, many people are put off from taking up driving lessons because they think it is too expensive or they opt for the cheapest driving lessons they can find. Either way it is false economy. 

It is an economical fact of life that there are costs involved in delivering any product or a service and driving lessons are no different. Just think about it, would you get the same quality of service or a product from a market stall as you would from Marks & Spencer.

If someone is offering you something cheep, that’s likely to be what it is, cheap. Many of our competitors offer driving lessons at ridiculously low prices which can only be achieved by cutting corners on quality and standard of service.

Saving money doesn't mean you can't enjoy quality of service at affordable prices. We at, Monk School of Motoring have been training drivers since 1966 and quality of service is bedrock of our continued success.

We do not offer cheap lessons, but we offer great value delivered by instructors who have the knowledge and experience to get you through your driving test with least effort and expense. We are sure that we can offer you quantity discounts on any of our packages.

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