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We have readily available training courses to help you get through your driving test in days or weeks instead of months and years. Following table gives you brief idea of what you can achieve in a short space of time.

    Sessions x hours                                 Fast track courses

If you have little or no driving experience and need to learn from the beginning to the end, this package is for you. It will cover all aspects of driver training and will prepare you to cope with the usual driving tasks demanded of a modern driver.

If you already have the basic driving skills. This course will boost your current abilities and take you through driving modules you have not covered before. The course will develop your manoeuvring and road procedural skills as well as build your confidence to drive safely on all types of roads and traffic conditions.

If you have all the vehicle handling skills but lack the finesse and experience to competently cope with modern day traffic, this is the course for you. The areas of focus would include traffic law, safe road procedures and test preparation.This course is also suitable for you, if you have been a fluent driver in a another country and want to prepare for the UK driving test.


If you  have not driven for a while and need to regain your confidence, or if you hold a full foreign licence with UK entitlement and need to familiarise with UK roads, then this course is ideal for you.


If you are coming up for a driving test and are not sure of your current standard, then this course is ideally suited for you. At the onset, your instructor will assess your current abilities against the DVSA testing criteria and appraise your current standard. After assessment the instructor will recommend and agree with you a training program best suited to your needs.The training you will need will dependent on your current skills and aptitude.

Test prep course is ideally suited to people who need to regain their confidence after an unsuccessful test attempt or for foreign licence holders who have been driving regularly in a country other than UK for more than one year. The duration and cost of the course will vary in accordance with your personal needs, but the instructor should be able to guide you after the initial assessment.

According to the Driving Standards Agency, an average person requires approximately 40 hours of professional tuition and about 16 hours of private practice by the time they pass their driving test. Our own experience at Monk school of Motoring is not too dissimilar. However, it must be born in mind that, we are all individuals and as individuals we all learn and retain information at our own pace. Therefore the above courses are a guide to give you an approximation of what is likely to be required.

All our fast track courses offer substantial discounts on our pay as you go or block booking packages and are a fantastic value when you consider how quickly you could gain your driving licence. Any of the above courses can be tailor made to fit in with your time schedules and can be taken as a session per day or as multiple sessions in a day. Choice is yours.

If you want to take advantage of one of these courses or simply wish to find out more, why not contact us. We promise to provide you with trustworthy guidance and help you to be independent on the roads with minimum fuss and delay.

** DVSA test fees and use of car for the test are not included in any of the above packages, but if you wish them to be included, we will happily do so at additional costs.

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