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Official Register of Driving Instructor Training

ORDIT was set up by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA, the Government body that controls and regulates driving instruction in the UK) with the support of the major driving schools and trade associations.

The Purpose of ORDIT is to protect the public from substandard instructor training, misleading marketing/selling and other unethical business practices. ORDIT is chaired and managed by the DSA and members failing to maintain the required standard may be removed from ORDIT.

Monk School of Motoring subscribes to these ethical standards and has voluntarily taken up the ORDIT registration. This is your guarantee that you will be receiving the highest quality of instructor training from us.

Always choose a training provider that is ORDIT REGISTERED, there are many training organisations in the UK, but not all of them are ORDIT registered. Most of them present a glossy image, but very few will deliver the quality and standard of training that is needed to become a professional Driving Instructor.

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