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Laura Samatova            Feb 2018
I passed my test this week! I am grateful to Monk School and my instructor Emmanuel. Emmanuel is patient and considered instructor. He gradually built my confidence and taught me to drive calm and enjoy the process.
I would recommend Emmanuel to anyone interested to practice driving. Emmanuel is knowledgeable and experienced instructor with nice sense of humour and great personality.
Thanks a lot!

Chun Li                      Feb2018
I've had a very good experience with Monk driving, specifically with my instructor Howard.
After around 20 hours of lesson, I managed to pass my test on the first try. He was very helpful and patient with me. He is a great instructor and anyone can pass under his guidance. He really helped with the test, especially with the small tips that he gave, and calming my nerves before the test.

Alex De Brunner      
I passed my driving test first time. From the very beginning Howard was able to realistically tell me how long it would take to learn (3 months roughly) and exactly when he had predicted I was able to do the test. He is not just focused on the test and ensured my driving was good rather than just teaching me tricks to pass.I would recommend Howard to anyone thinking of learning to drive.

Kevin Johnston          Feb2018
I did my lessons with Emmanuel he delivered his knowledge is a very simple and stripped back way which made it very easy to take in. I passed first time and found it very easy I felt no pressure to take any extra lessons. The whole experience was very enjoyable and would recommend Emmanuel to anybody especially if you like the laid back approach as he is very softly spoken and a real gentleman

Bruce W                     Feb2018                                                                                                                                                   I passed my test second time with 5 minors. Howard instructed me from my first lesson. He is a diligent, patient instructor who aims to not only get you through your test but make you a good driver all round. I would definitely recommend Howard to prospective learners

Leon Louis                 Feb 2018
After recently passing my driving test, I would like to say thank you to monk school of motoring and Emmanuel for helping me pass. I would highly recommend Emmanuel as he is professional, polite, very patient and down-to-earth. When learning to drive with him, I found him to be very clear and concise, which helped me learn quickly.

Fiona Jordan            Jan 2018                                                                                                                                                    Jeff been awesome, and thank you to you and everyone at Monk also as I passed last Friday.
I passed my test in Isleworth on Friday 26/01/18!! I'd like to say 1st time but after failing 3 tests 11 years ago (in Scotland.....I know) I'm afraid that would be a lie. Monk School of Motoring were very responsive and helpful when I was initially looking for a driving instructor/school and have continued to be professional and helpful all the way through. I have to say a very special thanks to Jeff, my driving instructor, however. Without him I wouldn't have the pass certificate I've been waiting so long for. I can't recommend him highly enough. He has been so patient, professional, informative and helpful all the way through. He always tried his best to work with my schedule. He kept me calm and collected on the day, and I am so grateful. Thank you very much Jeff! Now I just need to buy a car......Kind regards, Fiona.  

Hannah Thomas     Jan 2018
I absolutely LOVED my driving instructor Emmanuel. He was such a lovely man,Very patient and polite. Over the period of time we spent together I started to look forward to my lessons! He gave me the confidence I never thought I would find! Thank you so so much for everything..YAYY i passed my test!!!

Jade Mortimer         Dec 2017
I am emailing to thank Monk Driving School for supplying such a great and professional instructor. Paresh from Monk was outstanding. I passed first time with one minor. I am so happy with the service and level of expertise from him. Ive been with over 3 well known driving schools and not one can compare to the fantastic experience I have had with Paresh. He is such a great instructor, perfect for nervous pupils and those who have had bad driving lesson experiences. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. 10/10!

Izabela Kutrys          Dec 2017                                                                                                                                                   I have passed my driving test thanks to Howard.He's an amazing instructor - very professional, supportive, calm and friendly. He can put you on ease if you feel nervous and explain driving techniques very clearly. If you make mistakes, he'll let you to learn from them, so you won't repeat them again. The lessons were well prepared, informative and fun. Howard thank you so much for everything

Foley Soloye Dec 2017
I passed my driving test not to long ago with an instructor i was referred to by a friend who goes by the name of Emmanuel. Now with all the different diving instructors and people i have been in a car who have attempted to teach me how to drive Emmanuel has to be the most calm and composed teacher i have come across . He is able to relax you mentally as you are behind the wheel whilst teaching you about how to operate the vehicle. Not once have i seen Emmanuel raise his voice while a mistake takes place he simply tells you where you were wrong exactly and lets you get on with it until you get the hang of it . i would strongly recommend Emmanuel for a new driver as his patience is remarkable , very humble and well spoken not to mention gives you quite the good laugh!

Paula Da Silva Dec 2017
Howard was brilliant instructor. He was calm, clear and incredibly supportive every step of the way. The lessons we had always added and enlightened me in terms of getting my driving better and safer (i already had a foreign licence not accepted by British authorities) When it came to my test, i was positive and confident and passed with flying colour's. I will strongly recommend him as a instructor. Thank you for everything!

Pushpa Meghani Dec 2017
I had a very good experience with my instructor. I passed my driving test first
and would definitely recommend Monk1 driving school.

Philip Bogucki Nov 2017
Howard is a really good instructor. Every time i saw him there was a smile on his face and it really helped the driving environment. Very clear and helpful instructions on how to deal with all scenarios (including the use of toy cars). Not scared to tell you off for doing something wrong followed by instructions on how to correct it. There were times when dealing with difficult situations towards the end of the lesson where he would get slightly frustrated. However, he would never raise his tone and would always compose himself and myself quickly after such an event occurred. I have now passed my test. Remember hands follow eyes!

PaulYan Nov 2017
Emmanuel is very much experienced, patient and always be helpful during my lessons. I'm so grateful for his professionalism and kindness. I've passed the practical test within a short period of time.

Sam Dunne 11-17
With Dwight's help I was able to pass my test first time, with only 36 hours of lessons. Dwight was a pleasure to learn with – he strikes a perfect balance between putting you at ease and pushing you to improve your driving. Thanks for everything. Sam

Alex England 11-17
Thank you Howard for being an amazing instructor! At the beginning i was quite nervous to learn to drive but Howard made me feel comfortable straight away, he gives out great advice and was always calm and patient, after having to take 1 lesson with a different driving school i can definitely say that i was extremely lucky to have Howard as my instructor and his teaching skills allowed me to pass first time

Danny Bowles 11-17
Howard is an excellent instructor - friendly,patient and full of good advice. I've been learning to drive for 17 years now (on and off), and have gone through three instructors in that time. It was going to take someone special to help me pass...Howard maybe the nicest guy I've ever met. He put me at ease immediately. He explained everything clearly and remained calm no matter how hard i tried his patience... i would recommend Howard to any learner.
ease immediately. He explained everything clearly and remained calm no matter how hard i tried his patience... i would recommend Howard to any learner.

Sarah Homsi                                                                                                                                                                                                       I just wanted to write a glowing review for my instructor Emmanuel! I cannot stress how patient, skillful and an absoloutel gem of a teacher he was with my time with him. All lessons are tailored around your needs, and his care for your driving success is reflected in every lesson. He taught me skills for life and it was because of this I managed to successfully pass my test. All friends and family members are all being sent to Emmanuel, no questions asked!

Abrahim Hassen
Dwight was really a good instructor and I learned alot from him. Passed my test and thanks to him I can drive on the road now with no hesitations and with confidents.

Sarah Heaphy                                                                                                                                                                        I would like to thank Emaunal and the MONK school for helping me pass my test! Emanuel, was a kind and easy going person to learn with. Thank you again.

Basit R                                                                                                                                                                                                             I'd like to say thank you to Ramesh for helping me pass my test. He is a fantastic instructor, really professional, helpful and patient. He helped me build my confidence in my ability to pass the test. He has years of experience with in depth knowledge and explained me the rationale behind each instruction. He was recommended to me by a friend, who took lessons with him and cruised through the test as well. I highly recommend Ramesh and Monk1.

Joseph Dahlgren
I recently passed my test and was only able to do so because Dwight was my instructor. Dwight is very experienced and it is clear by his teaching technique. He is also a good laugh and would recommend him to everyone looking to take their driving test.

Manoj Bhudia
I would like to thank Ramesh for helping me pass first time. I wasn't the best student at times but he put up with my antics, explained everything well and taught me in a hard but fair way so to prepare me for what comes after the test. Thank you very much to Ramesh and Monk

Lisha Halai                                                                                                                                                                                 I passed first time with my driving instructor Ramesh. Ramesh was a fantastic instructor was extremely helpful and patient. He has taught me so much, skills which I will keep with me for life. He had so much confidence in me, even at times when I was sometimes lacking it and it was this confidence that motivated me to do my absolute best. The most helpful part for me was the monitoring and evaluations at the end of each lesson. This feedback allowed me to understand my strong points and also where I needed to improve on. The lessons were always organised and catered to my needs. 

Amit Jain 

Last Thursday I have passed my driving test in first attempt. I am really very thankful to Ramesh ,who was my instructor. Just because of him I have cleared my driving licence. He is a great instructor,I love the way he scolded me during the lesson...His favourite dialogue was 'learn

Pokuaa Adu-Gyamfi
Ramesh was a practical instructor with limitless depth of experience and knowledge which he drew on to painstakingly correct my driving errors. He always made sure to explain the rationale behind every instruction so it'll be a part of my driving after the test. As a result, I breezed through my driving test with only one driver fault. Thank you Ramesh and Monk for the good work.

Khadija Khudhair
Pushpa is an amazing instructor. She is so patient and organized. She taught me skills for life! Not only did she teach me how to drive. She also helped me expand my knowledge about road safety, cars etc.  What made her even more special is her cheerful and happy personality whilst being encouraging at the same time. I was always looking forwards to the lessons.  She helped me pass my driving test from the first attempt.  Whoever has her as an instructor would be very lucky. 

Jodie Buchanan                                                                                                                                          I have recently passed my practical driving test with Monk in West Kensington. My instructor Howard has been amazing. There were times I wanted to give up during lessons but Howard made me feel like I could achieve anything with a positive attitude and a willingness to succeed. I have always struggled with self belief and needed a push to feel confident. I am so pleased I decided to go with Monk driving school and I highly recommend Howard as an instructor. He is patient, honest and truly helpful. I now have my full driving licence and I am over the moon.

Renata Taylor
Dwight was an excellent instructor. Very patient, helpful and knowledgeable. With his assistance, I passed my driving test. Very happy. Thankyou for everything.

Richard Moore
Having no driving experience at all I chose Monk School of Motoring and couldn't have asked for a better instructor. Dwight was absolutely fantastic; not just a great teacher but a very nice person. I enjoyed every lesson and i was able to pass 1st time with only two minors! I am grateful to have had such a good teacher. For anyone looking for a driving school I'd highly recommend Monk!

Alban Guri
It was a very good experience to be teached and also good investment getting new and advance techniques for driving safety and properly in UK by good instructor as the Howard was for me. it's a pleasure to mentioned the good approach and communication with Rebecca as well since the first day i met her. Excellent experience with very high professional staff. Thanks!!!

Jamie Henn
I ve been meaning to leave a review but one reason and the other I just haven't!
Just wanted to say that Dwight is one of the best instrctors I've had the priveledge of meeting. Not only is Dwight a methodical, conscientous instructor he manages to put you at your ease making the whole learning experience, one that is not only easy but alos enjoyable. Dwight is a consummate instructor he is a friendly, knowledgable and meticulous one too.
An obsolute to credit to Monk School of Motoring.
My very best reagrds to all at Monk and particulary Dwight.

Stavros Velissaris                                                                                                                                                                  Dwight was excellent. He was always very professional, explained everything in detail and gave clear instructions while driving. He also gave good tips on what to look for in the exam. I managed to pass the driving test in my first try. I would definitely recommend Dwight to anyone who needs a driving instructor. 

bogdana ciasar                                                                                                                                                                                         Hi,I am very happy,my instructor is very nicely and good professional,with a lot passion for job,thanks for everything!!!

Gregory Bearish                                                                                                                                                                                               I was very happy with the lessons and i passed thanks to Alan. A very good instructor as he's got experience and is very good at what he does.    

Alexei                                                                                                                                                                       Yesterday I passed the driving test with a good score (just 4 minor errors). I wish to thank Paresh for fantastic training I received from him. He was attentive, focused, demanding, but very friendly. Paresh had a hard task with me, much harder than with novices. After 35 years of driving experience, 15 in the UK and 20 abroad, I had my own habits of driving –some of them bad, but keeping me away from accidents for over 25 years, however many not acceptable for the test. It was not easy to change, but with his patience and persistence – we have made it. He is a brilliant instructor, and if all others in your school are like him – Monk in WestKen should be a success. Rebecca, I wish to thank you therefore personally for organizing all this for me and for my wife, who had passed the test earlier.

Claire Quillot
Howard has been the best instructor I could have wished for ! I can't recommend him enough ! He stayed patient and kind, even when I found it difficult, I enjoyed learning to drive and even looked forward to my lessons with him. He is punctual and was able to work around my hectic schedule which was very much appreciated!!! It's thanks to him that I was able to pass the first time ! Thanks so much Howard!! I'll definately recommend Howard and Monk to my friends!

Iliana Ilic
Thanks to my instructor, Dwight, I was able to pass my test with only 3 minors. His teaching style was very good and allowed me to remember all the important rules of driving to keep me and others around me safe on the road. I am now proud to say that I am confident in my driving and have learnt the necessary skills needed to drive safely.

Danny Smith
Hello Monk crew,
Its my honour to give Dwight my highest regards and respect for his world class teaching style during my learner driving experience.
He understands exactly what is required to pass and teaches you skills you'll remember for life. I highly recommend Dwight as an instructor, you will see progress from lesson one.

Elisabeth Broyd                                                                                                                                               I could not recommend Emmanuel more - He is a wonderful person and teacher! Completely selfless in helping you along the journey and takes all the stress out of the process. I would recommend him to anyone and am very grateful for his time and endless patience!

Filip Babic
Dwight was an excellent instructor! I honestly can't recommend him highly enough. With his help I managed to pass my test having previously failed using another driving school. He made a massive difference and once it was time to take my test I felt very confident. He is very relaxed and patient and I was delighted with the progress I made. On top of that he is a great guy and I really looked forward to our lessons because we had so much fun. Top man. Also, expect to become a sound clash aficionado after a few lessons with Dwight. I will definitely recommend monk to my friends and family.

Louise Stuber
I just passed my driving test and I am so happy. My driving instructors (Pushpa and Paresh) provided me with clear calm instruction and excellent teaching. I was extremely thoroughly prepared for the area where my test was taken. I was supported and encouraged through the whole process of taking the test which was something that I was very anxious about.                Thank you.

Matthew Harrison
Howard is an excellent driving instructor. My sister and twin brother both passed their tests first time having been taught by Howard so the pressure was on me! Howard made me feel confident as a driver and Because of that, I also passed my driving test first time. Thank you Howard. I will be recommending you to all my family. * I will be recommending you to all my friends (rather than family as we have all passed now!)

Hugo Harrison
Howard is an exceptional driving instructor and I passed my test first time as did my sister who he taught too. He is very calm and gave me great confidence so I feel comfortable on the roads. His lessons are enjoyable and informative and I am recommending Howard to all my family and friends.

Philipp                                                                                                                                                Learning to drive is undoubtedly a stressful experience, not least in Central London. Mercifully, I was in safe hands. Howard’s patience, clarity and good humour kept me sane throughout the whole process. Though I had never driven in any form before starting with Howard, his years of experience and endless reserves knowledge meant I was not just able to pass my test, but I also now feel confident about driving in general. Howard’s method of not spoon-feeding his pupils, meant I picked things up independently, undoubtedly improving my driving in the long term. Despite my university commitment resulting in long gaps between my lessons, Howard was unfailingly flexible, allowing me to make the most of my brief stints in London. All in all, I couldn’t recommend Howard and the whole team at Monk any more highly!.

Sachin  Varshani
Overall, an exceptional experience learning from MONK. What I found most useful was the assessment at the end of each and every lesson, and evaluating on what went well and how to improve. The instructor was very patient and always happy to answer any questions I had, and also gave constructive criticism. The mock tests were also very helpful as I approached my test date as they gave me an understanding on my weak areas. Maybe something to consider would be taking students to the area of their test site from earlier on so they have more time practicing in that area. I definitely recommend learning from this company, and it was a pleasure learning from them.

Savannah Davies
Howard helped me pass first time!!
Really enjoyed all the lessons with him, having such an easy going and yet constructive teacher has been great. Would recommend him to anyone!

Kristian Gecaj, 
I took my driving lessons with Howard from Monk. 
I was a complete beginner when I first started driving with Howard. He always found the perfect balance between pushing me to be a better driver and ensuring I was never too far out of my comfort zone. 
He completely prepared me and gave me the confidence to drive. He was professional and always a joy to learn under. It is because of him that I was able to pass my driving test first time.
I thoroughly recommend Howard to any new learners as well as anyone who hasn't driven for a while and wants to get back to being comfortable behind the wheel.

Sonia Patel
I would like to thank my driving instructor Ramesh for teaching me how to drive. He was very patient and calm but also gave me some constructive criticism. Not only did he help me pass first time, he gave me the confidence and tools I need to be a safe driver for life. I highly recommend Ramesh and Monk.

Akosua Brentuo
Excellent tutorship from Ramesh. He provided the rationale behind every single concept to me which made me not see them as mundane. I will 1000% recommend Monk to anyone who wants to pass first time, I did and I only had 3 driver faults!!! Thank you so much Ramesh

Milan Halai
My experience with Monk was an excellent one. My instructor Ramesh taught me how to drive from no experience at all. He was a very thorough instructor, teaching me every possible scenario that could come up. He helped me to pass first time and I enjoyed my lessons with him. I would recommend Monk to all my friends and family.

Mattie Fox
Recently passed my driving test and I have to say if you want to pass you have to use Dwight. Dwight is an incredible instructor and helped build my confidence so much. If you want to pass your test, you have to use Dwight!

Theo Hee
Ramesh was a very good instructor, always clear with his instructions and patient when it came to learning. Very nice to talk to and have a conversation with as well.

Hala Ali
 I just passed my driving test for the first time, thanks to Monk! My instructor was Paresh Patel. He customised classes to my needs. He was very patient and made sure I was test ready. He went out of his way and made sure I got last minute training on the morning of my test. I could not recommend a better instructor.

Edward Tofts
Comments : Dwight has been an excellent instructor with me, and a bit of nervous driver; he set me at my ease immediately, always a ready laugh and ready to sing along to Capital FM. The lessons weren't overly structured, although there was a focus for each one, so you learn to deal with different situations quite quickly and I gained confidence from that. Unlike the instructor I had before him from another school, Dwight teaches you to drive AND take the test, which in my experience is not always the same thing. Please pass on my utmost thanks to Dwight. He was recommended to me by my brother, and sister in law, who both passed first time with Monk, and he got me to the test and a pass first time under his tutoring.

Bahar                                                                                                                                                                      I am very grateful to Monk school of motoring for making my dream of becoming a driver come true. Special thanks to Pushpa, who is an encouraging and supportive instructor at all time. I would never have done it without your support and dedication.Keep up the good work. 

Gam Gurung                                                                                                                                               

Rebecca thanks, You choose me good teacher Mr Howard. He is a very good teacher. Who gets Mr Howard is a lucky student.But most follow what he teaching, it means you 100% pass.
Thanks Mr Howard.

Sonja Schmidt
Dwight was a fantastic driving instructor, he's very patient and gave me all the necessary tips to pass first time!

Allegra Lindblom
                                                                                                                                                                                    Monk driving school made my experience of learning to drive totally enjoyable all round. The office staff were always friendly and cheerful which meant I always went into my lesson feeling positive. Howard was so patient and always made me feel confident in my own abilities even when I felt unsure and uneasy. At the same time he never 'spoon fed' me and let me do things for myself, thus my achievements felt all the more significant and my strengths and weaknesses were accurately highlighted allowing us to work on exactly the right things. Not only this but Howard always conducted the lessons with a light hearted and funny character making me feel completely comfortable and that I was always able to openly say what I was having difficulty with. I would highly recommend Monk to anyone wanting to learn to drive, and especially to those like me who were daunted by the prospect of learning in London!

Simone Volpini                                                                                                                                                                                            Jeff is a wonderful instructor. He is very patient and calm and always made me feel relaxed and confident. He explains things well and makes it easy to understand. I really enjoyed learning with him. Thank you.

Hawri Wria
Good morning, I would like to say I am very glad I done it with your office and thank you to everybody especially my instructor Pushpa because she taught me really good and she was amazing, I found it in a online thank you for everything.
Many regards

Mohamed Ghazli
Dwight was very supportive and helpful in every lesson I had with Monk and he made me feel confident behind the wheel, he was very professional and he thought me how to overcome my fears. I wouldn't of passed my test FIRST TIME if it wasn't for Dwight. I would like to thank Dwight and I would highly recommend for people to take their lessons with him and Monk.
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Beatrice De Zotti
Jeff is the best instructor I have could ever had!
He is patient, calm, very professional, available and punctual.
He knows how he can do properly his job and nobody can be better than him! I was really lucky to have him as teacher! Monk you have a great instructor in your team, you can be very proud of that!

Talina Ellis
My driving instructor was Paresh. There are really no words to put into how much of an Excellent professional patient caring instructor he is. He never made me feel nervous especially when I made mistakes, his aim was always to correct them and to get you to that point of passing your test. In the past I had previous bad experiences with two other instructors and it was enough to put you off wanting to learn to drive. But I must say Paresh is definitely one of the BEST Instructors Monk has and he is great asset to Monk and I am so appreciative of all Paresh's help! And making me PASS!!!!! Paresh really is the Best!

Nani Sissaye 
I recommend Monk school of driving to anyone, the staff were very helpful and accommodating. They were able to find me an instructor right away so i did not have to wait very long. My instructor Paresh, I could not have asked for anyone better, he was very patient, gave clear instruction and made it very easy to learn. I should also add he was very dedicated to helping me pass first time around with him. Previously I had several different instructors around the London area so trust me when I say he is good I have seen what's out there. So thank you Paresh for getting me through my exam and helping me pass my driving test!

Ben Forster

Jeff was great, very patient. Helped me learn and improve in a short space of time. I passed with only a few minor faults. I felt the lessons prepared me well for the test, so much so that I found the test relatively easy (if a little stressful).
Thanks again.

Bobby Mchugh 
Harry enjoyed learning and passing under Jeffs guidance and has and will continuing recommending monk school to his friends
Bobby McHug

Esther Hegarty
Thank you so much Monk!
My instructor Paresh was excellent!!!
Installed confidence to drive in London and passed first time!!!
Highly recommended!

Jeff was brilliant and the face that he equipped me to pass with only 2 minors in such a short time is a testament to his instruction skills - he was extremely calm which was hugely helpful to me and I will be booking him for some follow up lessons on the motorway etc when I get time!

Edward Cotton
“I cannot recommend the Dwight highly enough – what an absolutely great instructor he is and an absolutely top guy! Genuinely enjoyed my weekly 2 hours in the car with Dwight and by the end I could not have felt more prepared for the test which thankfully I passed (just in time to have a licence before I turn 30!)
I heartily recommend Monk School of Motoring to anyone looking to pass their test and especially Dwight if you’re lucky enough that he’ll take you on!
Thanks guys!

Kwesi Eghan
I had Paresh as a instructor, although i knew how to drive already he fixed me up with very helpful tips that helped me pass my test 1st time. Very easy going and easy to learn with allowing me to enjoy my lessons each time.

Grainne Martin-wells
My driving instructor, Dwight, was amazing. I passed with only 3 minors which I never would have been able to do without him. We always had a great time talking about current affairs during my lessons which really put me at ease and he was always willing to stop off somewhere different from where we usually would if I needed to be somewhere!

Nick Fripp
I have been doing my lessons for a few months with Dwight. I passed thanks to you guys!!! Dwight was fantastic at helping me get to the point of passing. I felt calm all the time and he was very good at explaining things and helping me understand. Once again thank you for your help.

Sofija Micovic
Hi there,
I yesterday passed my driving test and I would really like to thank your amazing instructor, Dwight Ellis, for helping me achieve that! I change few instructors so far and I can say that Dwight was the best one! He is really patient, has great positive attitude and great teaching style. I will definitely recommend Dwight to anybody who is planning to learn to drive!

Tom woods
Great service. I was lucky enough to have Howard - he was brilliant and a great instructor ! he was calm and taught me in an easy to understand manor. if you are looking for an easy to get on with instructor who really knows what he is doing and how to make you a better driver just ask for Howard

Frazer Tariku
I have been learning to drive with Monk , and yesterday I've passed my driving test, all credit goes to Dwight, who was my instructor, he is very professional and understanding , I have already recommended Monk to friends and family.

Tolu Osuala
My name is Tolu and I would like to say Monk have amazing driving instructors.
After starting lessons with Pushpa in March 2016, I am happy to say I have passed my driving test in July. 4 months and Pushpa was able to make me the safe driver that I am today. Her patience and determination to make me a good driver made me pass the first time round I did my driving test. Although Pushpa couldn't come with me on the day of my test due to reasons beyond her control, she was kind enough to organised another colleague of hers Howard to take over her role. I must also say Howard is indeed a good teacher who taught me a few other techniques I wasn't aware of.
To conclude, after using two driving instructors from Monk School of Motoring, I will highly recommend them to anyone that is trying to gain quality and safe driving skills for life!

Nigel Coulson
My experience with Monk school was one which was brillant, as the school where very helpful from beginging to end. The school was very helpful with not only the practical side of driving but also elements of the theroy test itself. They offer advice and also any news developments regarding you, the school or your instructor that may disrupt you.
While with the school, I had the pleasure of working with a instructor named Howard. He provided me with useful and helpful tips towards my diriving from start to finisish. Howard is the type of instructor who is patient, kind and caring, but at the same time pushes you to reach your goals of becoming a diligent driver.
There where several times where I became complacent with my driving and theory test, but Howard urged me to carry on with it complete.
Even towards the end of my driving experience with the school and Howard, he offered advice of what challenges I may face in the future. If I was to recommend anyone with no driving experience like myself at the time, it would be Howard.
In all I would give Monk School and my instrotor Howard 10/10